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Federal Health Care Legislation a Must

I really believe that major changes need to be made in our healthcare system, especially the way that medical health insurance is provided to the American people.  The biggest problem that I have with the current system is the ability of the Insurance industry to just "cherry pick" the healthiest of our citizens and to ignore everyone else that may have a pre-existing condition.

The problem is not just the substantially higher cost of insurance premiums paid by those with pre-existing conditions, but the availability of insurance at all. If a person does not have access to guaranteed acceptance group plans, and must purchase an individual policy, almost all private insurance plans will not cover someone with a pre-existing condition. This problem is especially acute for a young person who has a pre-existing condition and graduates from college and is no longer covered under their parents plan. Generally, these young people have just started working and even if they can find health insurance, the premiums are so astronomical that they simply can not afford it.  The problem is also serious for people who have become unemployed and no longer have the opportunity to continue their insurance under a COBRA plan and must find their own individual policy.

I actually agree with President Obama that we should have a national health insurance program that will accept everyone and therefore spread the risk and health care costs over everyone.  At the minimum, legislation should be passed to require all insurance companies to accept all individuals regardless of pre-existing conditions. Yes, this will lead to higher premiums for those that have no prior medical problems, but it is a small price to pay for even those people as they too will someday deal with the same problems that those that do have a medical condition have to face.

What do you think?

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