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Don't Panic!!! Those surgical masks don't stop disease, they only spread panic.

Health oficials are telling the public that those surgical masks that you see people in Mexico wearing do very little to stop the spread of disease ( See ). They do stop the particulate matter that may be in the air if someone sneezes, but the flue virus is so small, that they have no problem going right through the mask.

10 things that do make sense if the flu pandemic actually spreads include:

1) Try to avoid large public gatherings such as sporting events

2)  Don't share drinks from the same glass. Use disposable cups or make sure you are the only one using a glass and then wash it well.

3)  Wash your hands often. This is the easiest way to avoic spreading disease.

4)  Wipe off kitchen counters and bath room counters with disinfectant wipes

5)  Use dissposable tissues rather than hanndkerchiefs.

6)  Cough into your elbow instead of your hand to avoid contaminating your hands

7)  Drink from a disposable water bottle instead of using a water fountain

8)  Don't send your kids to school if they show any signs at all of the flue, such as a fever.

9)  If you do feel flu symptoms, go to your doctor immediately and see if you are a candidate for Tamiflu. Make sure that your doctor agrees that you are at risk of having the swine flu, as indescriminate use of this drug could reduce its effectiveness if the flu virus mutates to become immune to its effect.

10)  You might consider stopping shaking hands and do what Howie Mandel does:  A fist bump


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