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Where did the fountain in Lunada Bay come from?:

The fountain in the median strip of Palos Verdes Drive West in Lunada Bay was a gift in 1965 from funds raised by neighborhood children orgainized by Jeane Burke, a resident of Rocky Point in Lunada Bay, and a plaque at the fountain displays the fountain's name: "La Fuente de los Ninos" (the fountain of the children). When asked why she was inspired to create a fountain at the intersection with Yarmouth Road, Mrs. Burke replied, "I didn't want to say, "Turn at the gas station to get to my home'".(source:Peninsula News 6/1/2006).  The fountain is dedicated to G. Brooks Snelgrove, who was very active in Palos Verdes Estates community affairs for over 34 years, and the circle in front of Palos Verdes Estates City Hall is also dedicated to his memory (He died on November 22, 1962). Mr. Snelgrove was the original engineer for the Palos Verdes Project in 1923, and was responsible for the construction and engineering of the Malaga Cove Plaza Neptune Fountain.  In 2008, the fountain underwent a complete refurbishment incorporating elements that were in the original design of the fountain but not originally constructed.

Lunada Bay Fountain         Lunada Bay Fountain Plaque
Lunada Bay Fountain                                                         Plaque on Lunada Bay Fountain

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Where did the fountain in Lunada Bay come from? :
The fountain in the median strip of Palos Verdes Drive West in Lunada Bay was a gift in 1965 from funds raised by neighborhood children orgainized by Jeane Burke, a resident of Rocky Point in Lunada Bay, and a plaque at the fountain displays the… more
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