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Rancho Palos Verdes Issues

The following is an excerpt from the PVP watch newletter dated November 23, 2008:

"November 21st, RPV Councilman Tom Long distributed his Newsletter making reference to an item now pending before the RPV Council; the appeal of Saint John Fisher Church's desire to modernize the church facility. In this instance, Councilman Long seems right on target when he states "Our actions border on abuse of power" and that the Council's actions are "design by hearing."

Apparently Councilman Larry Clark has a new expression "de novo," let's start over. Why start over? The planning commission approved the project. There is history of testimony & submissions. Should the Council's actions be to start over thus becoming the Planning Commission, or should the Council's responsibility be to judge the merits as to whether or not the Planning commission erred in its majority decision? Send comments to

Councilman Long also commented concerning the Monks case. For those unaware of the Monks case, this is a law suit concerning 16 plots of land in Portuguese Bend, Zone 2. The Appellate Courts decision is posted at One of Long's comments was "the strange Court of Appeal decision ordering the city to grant permits to build on land that is moving or unstable." As some have noted, Tom Long often has a mythical perspective of facts. On other occasions he has also used the term "land that is moving or unstable." Long's statement is opposite to proven facts in the Courts record by Geological and Geotechnical experts. One must wonder what Long finds "strange" about the Appellate Court reversing what apparently was a poor decision by the Trial Court.

Councilman Long further states that RPV has no further liability should the appeal be lost. Unfortunately, all we can do is to wait and see what happens. What we do not know and are not likely to find out is how much of the taxpayers $$$ has the Council spent and will spend pursuing their frivolous lawsuit?"


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I totally agree with the comments above from the PVP Watch Newsletter. St. John Fisher Catholic Church has been at its current location since 1961, and its current sanctuary is a converted gymnasium. Almost every resident near St. John Fisher has probably purchased their home knowing that the church was in their immediate neighborhood. St. John Fisher has been intending on building a true church sanctuary for many years and has the right to build a beautiful church at least as prominent as the other churches on the Peninsula.

As regards the RPV City Council continuing to expend limited city resources on pursuing a legal appeal of the Monks case, I also think that this is a gross waste of taxpayer money. No active land movement creating a danger to human life or damage has been proven in this area, and to deprive the homeowners in this neighborhood a right to develop their property is just not right.

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The following is an excerpt from the PVP watch newletter dated November 23, 2008: "November 21st, RPV Councilman Tom Long distributed his Newsletter making reference to an item now pending before the RPV Council; the appeal of Saint John… more
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