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How did "Rat Beach" on the Palos Verdes Peninsula get its name?

There are four stories about this. One says the name comes from an acronym for the beach "Right After Torrance". Another says that it stands for "Redondo and Torrance" beach. The two most recent ones that I have heard are that the name was coined by local surfers. The first story says that "Rat Sh _t Beach" was coined by local surfers in the early 60's because, at that time there was little sand at that end of the beach. They didn't dredge and add sand until 1968-69. There was also a seasonal creek which attracted a lot of rats, which of course left a lot of rat poop , thus the name. .The second story told by members of the Haggertys Surfing Club was that it was named in honor of professional surfer Rick Irons after his pet rat.

Malaga Cove Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding on RAT beach below Malaga Cove looking towards the site of the future  Swim and Beach Club
(Picture Courtesy of Palos Verdes Peninsula Library District)

RAT Beach is easily accessible from the parking lot adjacent to the Malaga Cove School in Palos Verdes Estates. There is a paved road which leads from the parking lot down to the beach. This is a nice beach and is the most southernmost beach in the Santa Monica Bay.

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There are four stories about this. One says the name comes from an acronym for the beach "Right After Torrance". Another says that it stands for "Redondo and Torrance" beach. The two most recent ones that I have heard are that… more
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